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Friday, June 15, 2007

And so it begins....

There is a first for everything right? Today is the day for my first blog. I put it off, looking at the fun possibilities of looks for my blog. You want to write something wow and exciting, but I thought I would do this for a creative outlet. Pizzazz definitely needs to be put back into life, so I am set out to do it! First mission.

Cute Fabric!

I am starting a quilt with my friend Cari, and the hardest part is narrowing down what colors to use. I say, you gotta start with an inspiration fabric that knocks your socks off. Next you pull out colors that are in the inspiration fabric, a solid a few subtle prints as not to detract from your wowser fabric. I'm still on the hunt for that inspiring fabric. I will put a pic on when I find it.

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