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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Room Transformations

Check out these room transformations from Domino Mag

I LOVE the mirror inside the fireplace frame. Very clever. makes the room look bigger.

I always tell my hubby, "windows make a HUGE diffrence in a house", this is the visual example

I threw this in, because of the throw blanket. That's really where the main transformation took place. I have an ottoman, but hadn't thought to do this. Another great idea.

And other finds...
I'm digging this red door, right smack in the middle of the house. Very cool.

A phrase comes to mind when I see this room: Relaxing in style.

How to make ceilings look taller from Domino Mag

  • Paint a 3 inch contrasting color border at the top of the wall.
  • buy low slung furniture
  • raise your curtains, and use crisp panels
  • Do not use overhead lights, use wall sconces (I thought this one was particularly intresting)

2 Notes to the Queen Bee:

the southern hostess said...

That is some decoration inspiration! The rooms are so bright and welcoming. Great ideas.

s.s parker said...

I wish I had decorating style. I'm always looking and have intentions of doing but of course it never happens. I'm to scared it will look like crap. and even when I do something I end up re-doing it months down the road. Love the fireplace idea. our fireplace is circa 1960 wood burning and just plain ugly. you still walking at lake lily? call me anytime and i'll tag along!