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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Weekend 08

It was a nice relaxing weekend! What did you do for Memorial Day?
I unpacked more boxes, went swimming, and ran a 5K. It was my very first. I'd like to do it again. I'm not the full on marathon type, this was just my size! I ran with hubby and puppy :). It was a church sponsered 5K run and free breakfast afterward. Sorry, no sweaty pics of myself to show.

picture from here

I also watched p.s. I love you It was so good! I wouldn't consider myself a cryer during movies, but I bawled my way through this one, so much so I needed kleenex on more then one occasion. Hillary Swank does an excellent job of showing true emotion. It hit closer to home then I thought it would, the portrayal of losing a much loved spouse. It made me even more greatful for my man. It's available to rent, WATCH IT!! Oh and I loved her apartment and fashion in the movie!

4 Notes to the Queen Bee:

s.s parker said...

nice job on the 5K!! we should do one together some time. So you had breakfast cooked on the "Holy Grill" :)! he cooks a mean one!

I'm for sure renting that movie. I thought it looked cheesy but a few people have told me it's a tear jerker!

the southern hostess said...

Congrats on the 5K! Good for you!

Erickson Family said...

We went to the beach with friends and the kids got fried, even thought we put sunblock on twice =<. They had a blast though! We got some good pics, which I'll post when my life isn't so crazy.

Heather said...

I don't keep in touch with Richard and Lisa. I was hoping you had so I could get their contact info from you! Great job on your run! It takes heart to do any type of long distance running!