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Friday, April 15, 2011

Ft. Lauderdale Part 2

When we arrived we asked the hotel desk what local food places were on tihe must visit list. She recommended Las Vegas a Cuban restaurant. It was SOOOO good.

You can see the paintings in the background.

Best cuban sandwich I've had. Also delicious pulled pork, blackbeans, rice, plantain chips and fried sweet plantains.

This Carrabbas had palms and all sorts of tropical plants growing on the roof.

We saw this advertised alot, so we stopped in for a slice. Ok pizza, delicious garlic rolls.

Kevan's Professor in class on the first day listed local places that were Must Eats. One of them was "BIG CITY DOGS" voted best burger 2 years in a row.

They support Kevan's school which are the "Sharks"

I think this is the only time in my life that a burger looked just like the picture advertising it. In fact, it was even better in real life than the picture. That never happens! This burger was DANG good! It is bigger then it looks- I could barely hold it with both hands and struggled to get my mouth around it.

I heard raves while we were there about the Hot Dogs too. I heard We asked the owner where he was from. He and his family were from "Little Italy" in New York. He stated he imports all of his product from New York and Chicago. Definitely recommend.

Another place his teacher recommended was "Rocco's Tacos". The design of the place was REALLY awesome.

Entryway chandelier

I forgot to take a picture of the food we ordered. Chips and Salsa and a couple tacos. We ordered take out because the place was packed and at 8:45 PM there was still a 45 minute wait. It was good. We weren't blown away, but we also weren't able to order their famous guacamole. I guess they make it fresh tableside.

Just driving along the main streets by the beach there were alot of really neat restaurants, fun night life.

And of course we stopped at Jamba :)

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