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Monday, April 25, 2011

Ft. Lauderdale Part 4- The Beach

Mountains or Beach? Always, always the beach. Few things are more relaxing or more beautiful.

We watched the sunset while lying on the beach- the sun dropped right behind the marina.

We took a stroll and gathered some shells.

The sand in Ft. Lauderdale is more course then the sand in the beaches up here.

We talked about framing this one and putting in our beach themed bathroom.

We layed on the beach and talked till sunset.

Pardon my wild hair, we drove around with the windows down.

And a little more sunset...

We determined we like the beaches up here best overall. Nice to know my favorite beaches are the closest!

4 Notes to the Queen Bee:

Kevan said...

The journey with you has been a blast! Thanks for being with me!

Renee said...

You like the beaches up here better? Really? I love the South Florida beaches. Probably because I grew up going to those beaches though. Glad to see you got to have some fun in between your hectic work schedule!

Lacey said...

that's it, time to come see my lovely cousin in florida! if you're gonna post pics like this, you better be up for lots of house guests! :)

Matt and Kristine said...

Wow! Some awesome frame worthy shots. Beautiful. How interesting how different the sand can be. Coarse or fine and the colors too. Different than the beaches here. But may I say, not as a amazing as the Rigby Lake. Can't beat that baby!