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Monday, September 12, 2011

Carseat Cannopy

When I found out I was pregnant I wanted to sew something fun to prepare. I looked up a tutorial for a carseat canopy. The tutorial at Make it Do was easy to follow and it turned out great!
I already had this fabric, and at first thought it would work great for either boy or girl, but now it looks a little girly so if I find out I'm having a boy I'll have to go for round two of making this.
Underneath is Green Polka Dot and the edges have the red fabric. Love these Amy Butler fabrics.
The view when you flip up to get in the carseat.

3 Notes to the Queen Bee:

Matt and Kristine said...

Fun! And it looks so professional. I am so glad you are sewing now, and that you are feeling better. I would do all that you can now. You are anticipating their arrival and excited. Soon, you will be tired and busy. Besides, it is fun to look back at the items you made when you knew nothing about this new little life coming to you. Then, to see their little person use it and enjoy it really adds joy and happiness to your life. My kids LOVE the minkee quilt I made it our BYU I home decor class. Remember? The rainbow of colors with the green polka dot backing? They LOVE it. And it is fun to see them get so much enjoyment from it. And just to laugh and think, "I wanted NOTHING to do with babies when I made this!" HA! It looks great and you are an amazing seamstress. :-) Keep the posting coming.

Renee said...

Wow... I love how that turned out! And it will be so useful when busybodies try to put their germy hands all over your new little baby!

Bernie and Doll said...

so stinkin cute!!!!!!