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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Griff- Update at almost 5 months

These pics are in no specific order. But wanted to do an update through pictures.

All the Lowe boys were in town in April.
 The boys got me this beautiful orchid for Mother's day. LOVE IT!
 This little boy LOVES to stand up.

 Oh the puppies. This little puppy thinks the baby is his. He licks the baby like he's a Popsicle, and loves to be around him- usually he guards the baby.
 Working on rolling over...
 I am working on a project where I take a pic of the little man each month close to his monthly birthday.. This pic was pretty funny- He was NOT in the mood!
 a rare picture of us together.
 This little boy loves bath time!
 Tummy Time!  Look at those pretty blue eyes!
 The Shirt says it all...

Before he started losing his hair in the front. Loves his time with daddy. He constantly smiles when Daddy comes in the room, and talks and talks to Daddy like no one else. (2 months old)
Love those blue eyes
Griff's first time swimming. We found another mom and baby at church. Little baby girl is only 2 weeks younger then Griff. We go over there once a week to swim, make babyfood, and play!
2 months old
With Cousin Brady on Daddys side
Prefers his fingers to a pacifier- sometimes sticking his whole fist in his mouth
For awhile Mommy went through 20+ bibs a day. Griff got his tongue clipped on June 18th. Dr stated it has caused him to swallow air,  which combined with reflux is why he was puking so much. Being tongue tied is also what made breast feeding next to impossible and frustrating. Dr also stated he would have poor language development and difficulty eating solid foods.  He's a whole new baby, can keep a pacifier in now, eats way better, less puking and is a much happier baby! (My first Doctor missed this for 4 months even though i took him in several times stating there was something wrong due to weight loss and all the puking but doctor brushed me off, so I switched Dr's and they found the tongue tied problem as well as his severe milk allergy.  Poor boy and poor mommy! We are much happier now.
Oh the eyelashes, definitely got those from daddy!
First visit to the beach. loved curling his toes in the sand. (3 months old)
Playing on the floor with mom
(almost 3 months)
Picnic on the patio
Loves his cousins Cade and Brooke.
time with Cousin Megan (2 months)
Next 3 pics ( 4 months old)
Truly is a happy baby all the time. People always comment on how easy and happy he is.  One of my favorite pics of all time capture his smile and how he looks day to day.

Love love loves time with daddy. He's sitting talking (babbling and cooing at daddy). (3 months)

2 months
my sweet smiling boy around 3 months
Mom and dad on one of their first date nights post baby, at an Indian wedding party.
Great Grandma Parish.
1 month old
At a beach wedding when Griff 3 months old.
He is starting to roll over and loves to sit up and watch people. We love him so much! I have over 800 pics and videos on my phone.. it's telling me there is no more space... Hmm...

3 Notes to the Queen Bee:

Blogful said...

Henry had his tongue clipped. Huge difference also. Glad you found a good Dr.

Matt and Kristine said...

I am so so sorry it took so long to figue out he needed help! That is horrible your dr didn't think it was a concern, Mom's always know when something is not right. They say your first is your hardest, I would say it will only get easier from here. Sounds like things are looking up and you are really enjoying time together now. You look great! I am so happy for you.

Renee said...

I love the crying 5 months pic... a lot of times the pictures that don't come out perfectly are the ones that make you smile when you look back!