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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Photo Master Jen Howell

I stumbled on a blog today that has some of the best photography I've ever seen. It's called New Vintage Photography. Is there anything this woman (Jen Howell) cannot photo perfectly? Take a look at her blog here. She also has a website with a gallery of her work located here. Website is mostly childrens portraits. For more variety I suggest her blog. I chose a few that I liked to give you a teaser. I couldn't make myself click out of her blog. If I had a child, she'd be my photographer for sure!

This "Whoa" is For Rachel (Black Eiffel) she loves signs

2 Notes to the Queen Bee:

Bonita Magazine said...

Rachel, love your blog! May I add it to my eye candy section. Thanks for compliment! ~ Jen

rachel @ blackeiffel said...

Cool photos Rachel, and I love the whoa thanks!