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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Florence- "The Spark"

Sorry guys, I think all of you reading will get sick of Italy before I will :) I might just give you a tour of the whole country one city at a time.
Florence, it's your turn! Florence sparked the renaissance. Not surprising. It is such an artistic city. Florence is also known as the center for leather goods. Would kill to get a purse there! Some views of the city...

If you have a fear of heights, talk about "living in fear".

This is inside one of the palaces...wouldn't a tour be great?

Don't do it! You live in such a pretty city!

All I can say is wow, I never got this far with sidewalk chalk. Its a shame that someday it will rain and wash this masterpeice away. Must be nice to have such amazing talent that he can do another one just as amazing the next day. When I go to Italy, I am going to do the cliche thing and do a painting in city.

Another reason Italy is deemed such a romantic place. At this monument. Couples engrave their names on a lock and lock it at this monument, and throw the key in the river. It is to symbolize eternal love. Very clever idea, much more advanced then throwing a penny in the wishing well.

3 Notes to the Queen Bee:

Blogful said...

Planning a Europe trip?

TwinkleBee said...

I wish! Someday.

Criscell said...

SOOOOO beautiful--and very romantic, you're right! I want to go to Europe too!!