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Monday, March 24, 2008

Joel Dewberry = Fabric Master

Calling all quilters, home decorators, and anyone with good taste!
Beware: Gorgeous fabric.

Joel is a fabric designer with eclectic modern taste.
I've met Joel's mother, Donna Dewberry a craft wonder herself, who is very down to earth. I'd love to meet Joel and pick his brain about his gorgeous fabrics. This is the kind of fabric that I get myself in trouble with (great design, and would look good in any project). I love it so much I buy it even if there isn't a specific project in mind. To see his designs go here. His fabric is 100% cotton.

Joel has a new line coming out in May called Ginseng Collection. OOOOO I'm excited!

4 Notes to the Queen Bee:

the southern hostess said...

Wow! These fabrics make me happy!

Bonita Magazine said...

These are awesome! I am thinking photo backdrops for the little bity ones. Thanks for finding!

s.s parker said...

Lovin' the fabrics!! If only I could sew!

Jodie said...

Hey thanks for the sweet comments over on my blog- I agree totally, Those fabrics are just beautiful, we shall have to wait for ages to get them here but they'll be worth it.