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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Karaoke= Crazy + Freedom

I never thought I'd be the one saying I go to Karaoke night. But there it is. I do. Every once in awhile. I work with all women, most of which are single. So when we do fun girls nights we go to a mexican restaurant that has Tuesday night Karaoke. So that's where I could be found last Tuesday night. I swore I would never punish the general public by singing where anyone could hear me, but I somehow have found myself up there singing "Wide Open Spaces" and the classic "Love Shack" among others with the girls. And now I understand why people humiliate themselves singing karoake. Because everyone else understands and cheers you on (most have had a few drinks) telling you that you were wonderful (even when you're not). It is very liberating. This particular place called "La Fiesta" has their very own hard core Elvis impersonator, that dresses the part and sings Elvis whenever it's his turn, and several old ladies that are making their debut and living their dream before time runs out. It's a nice family place with great food and loads of fun. I've had some of my best laughs with the girls there! I don't have any pics, maybe the next time we brave the Karaoke scene.

2 Notes to the Queen Bee:

Unknown said...

Hi Twinklebee,
I'm so glad you liked Bean and I would love for more people to know about him! Thanks so much for wanting to share him with your fan base, that would be wonderful! We don't want anyone missing out now. I'll put a little post on my blog announcing the fun news.
Looking at your blog, I think we have a lot of the same interests!

s.s parker said...

you might just be the next 'american idol'!!:) that sounds like a blast! its always fun seeing you and thank you sooo much for the beautiful cards!! and I promise i'll keep the plant alive!