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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Name that turtle

What shall I name this little guy? I was thinking Goucho. Any suggestions?
I joke with my girlfriend, that next time she comes to see me I'll have my own petting zoo. I now have a puppy and a turtle. This is as far reptile as I go, and he's only cute cause he is only the size of a silver dollar. He's tiny! and low maitenance. He just swims in a bowl of watter and climbs on the shells. I can't help it, I have a special place in my heart for animals. No worries hubby, I'll stop here. It was purely an impulse buy. Hubby was shocked, but is trying to supportive of my habit of buying things that are "cute and little".

Interesting fact: like fish, they grow as big as the container you put them in. I am going to keep him in a small container so he stays small.

2 Notes to the Queen Bee:

s.s parker said...

LOL hilarious! love the turtle. how about "gumbo":) it looks like you had a awesome time with allyson. girlfriends are the best! had a fabulous time at the show! It was "fierce"!

Erickson Family said...

AWWW! He's a cute little guy. How about squirt the turtle =D J/K!! picking the name is the funnest part....even with kids! LOL