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Monday, May 5, 2008

Let's Eat!

Someone is a genious! We went to "LET'S EAT!" for a team building activity at work, I'm hooked! It is a place where you prepare meals to freeze for a later date. You select the items ahead of time, and when you show up it's all layed out for you. You throw the ingredients together and then package it for the freezer including a label of how to cook it and what sides to serve with it. The food is gourmet too! For example, a dish I made when I went with the ladies at work was coconut/cashew crusted mahi mahi with red pepper Coulis sauce. Another: Spinach and pine nut meatloaf, or how about the fire roasted turkey burgers with zesty red pepper pesto- sweet potato french fries as a side.

You have to do a minimum of 8 dishes which ends up being about $150. The meals feed 4-6, or you have the option to split. So someone like me split all the meals in half and came out with 16 meals for me and hubby, for the same price. There are rotating menu, so each month brings new things. It can get spendy to use these meals every night, but if you stretch them out, it's very reasonable, especially if you are a busy household. I recommend to those expecting, to stop by and give it a whirl. It will help out right after having the baby to have some meals on hand to feed the family. They also have a mini service called "Two for Tuesday!" Where you don't have to choose 8 meals you can do 2 meals. I'm gonna go and do 2 meals, split them, and have 4 emergency meals in the freezer for the month, those nights when you just dont have time...
Not to mention, it's just plain fun, especially if you do it with girlfriends!
If you're in my neighborhood and you want to invite yourself over for dinner to try one of the meals, give me a ring :)

2 Notes to the Queen Bee:

Criscell said...

How fun! And it sounds delicious too!

Erickson Family said...

I have heard of this before! DREAM COME TRUE! Someday...... =D