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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

White, It's Our Color

Both cars we have are white, so our goal was to choose another color (we like black but it gets too dang hot in Florida in the Summer), but the white civic looked the sharpest. So we are the proud new owners of a white Honda Civic. We have 50 miles on our car and the fuel gage still reads completely full. For that sheer fact alone I'm in love with this car (other reasons too). Reading more about them, there is practically no maitenance. THANKS for all your input on my previous post!

On kind of a funny note: When we drove it off the lot I asked hubby:
"Do you just LOVE your new car!?"
He replied, "Eh, I like it", moment of silence.
Me: "What?! We didn't pay this much money for you to "Like" it."
Hubby: (refferring to his 1993 BMW we traded in for the civic)
"I just gave away my baby, I loved that car, I will love this one, I just need time."
tehe. tehe. made me smile :)

4 Notes to the Queen Bee:

the southern hostess said...

Great choice! Congrats.

s.s parker said...

nice wheels!! I love the smell of new cars. that baby will last ya forever! well until you have 5 kids and then it's a MINIVAN!!! :)jk. I shouldn't joke about that, there might be a day when I am forced to drive one!

Criscell said...

Congrats! It looks great! I also love your jewelry organizer. Where did you find that?

Erickson Family said...

YIPEEE!!! I hope you love your new Honda as much as we do!!!