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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Latest Jewelry Finds

Moseying around on my lunch break I found a bead/jewelry store, near my office. I have one word to describe it, DANGEROUS! All the stones in there are real, they have walls and walls, divided by color. It's a jewelry lover's dream come true. I couldn't resist the temptation, and bought these stones. Hubby couldn't understand why I couldn't resist. Wouldn't this be a gorgeous necklace! You buy the stones then if you want to take a jewelry making class it's $10 and they teach you everything you need to know and how to string up your jewels, or you they will make the piece for you for about $20. When I finally left they had to wipe my drool off the floor :) Next I want to go back and get some gorgeous Onyx stones.

Note: I want some turquoise jewelry. A strand of turquoise was over $100. This is dyed Hawlite, which is a natural stone too, but about a quarter of the cost. Could you tell? I just received a cool turquoise ring as a gift, that will go very nicely with the necklace.

How to store that jewelry?

Calling all Jewelry feigns- I have been LOVING this! It hangs in your closet with your clothes and has small plastic pouches you put all your jewelry in. It is an excellent use of space!! I have kept my jewelery in a small 3 drawer plastic organizing container. As my jewelry collection has grown everything gets tangled and mixed up, what a pain! Now I can have more space on my dresser and keep all the jewelry organized and separate. I might have to get a second, I've only put a few pieces in here, but am afraid when I finally switch it all over, it'll be full. One of the best investments I've made in a long time.

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s.s parker said...

turqouise is for sure a staple piece that never goes out of style! fabulous necklace!