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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How's the Service?

We are ready for change! Since moving to our new apartment, our cell phone reception sucks and our contract is up in July with Sprint. Does anyone have At&t or an iphone? In general I hear how great the iphone is supposed to be, but I'm trying to dig up some dirt so we know what we would be getting into. How's the customer service? Anyone have At&t in Florida? Is there really "more bars in more places" here in Florida? Feedback anyone?!?

6 Notes to the Queen Bee:

Rachel said...

You've got to get one!!! They are seriously the coolest invention ever. Night and Day difference between a normal cell phone. :) I have called At&t 3 times, never waited more than 5 seconds for a real person. (English speaking too)

Criscell said...

My Hubby LOVES his iphone and wouldn't change it for the world.

Anonymous said...

you're my hero!!

Anonymous said...

Opps I mean zero hero!


Erickson Family said...

I don't know much about AT&T, other than when we had it when we were first married (in 1998...YIKES!!), we hated it!! We swore we'd never go back. (I'm sure they've probably made some improvements over the last 10 years.) We had Sprint while we lived in UT and it was great, but when we moved to the NW, they dropped calls like crazy, so we switched to Verizon and have been with them for the past 5 years. We love Verizon...their network is totally amazing, even on our speck in the middle of the ocean...."Can you hear me now?" LOL
Best to people in your neighborhood and ward. It's hard to tell which one'll give the best service in your area when I'm not there =>
p.s. did you hear about Lacey?

Renee said...

I love my iPhone. The only bad thing is you can't send or receive picture texts. But they make up for it with the fact that you can email pictures from your phone. I haven't had a problem with my reception.