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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Twinklebee Creations- Most recent

The other designer for Twinklebee is my amazingly talented sister Holly. I've been so busy, she has been filling all our orders and shipping me blankets to keep the stock up. She's like the incredible hulk, but even better and prettier!

Greens and yellow- This one sold the first day I showed it. I wanted an excuse to keep this one, but couldn't find a good reason. sigh...

This one is an excellent unisex blanket. Crazy colors, and fun for a carrier or to lay down for the baby to play on.

I bought a rose bush last week, and these are the first cutlings. Aren't they beautiful!? I gave them to Kev's grandma. She is going to place them in her bedroom so she can wake up to them in the morning. We'll see how long this bush lives since I have issues keeping plants alive. You'd think it would be easy since the vegetation grows wild in Florida. Not so in the Lowe household.

4th of July
Kev and I walked up to the Red Hot & Boom on Thursday night. It's a big ordeal in this area. Around the Lake there is restaurants, and a covered stage for performances. There were lots of booths around the lake with food and such. Red Hot & Boom attracts big name bands sometimes. This year was Simple Plan . I loved it! Took me back to my college days when I was single Funny how music can do that.

On the 4th we went to a friends house. They had a barbeque and invited young couples and families. We were lucky enough to go out on the lake and watch the fireworks over the lake while in a fun boat. Definitely a cool 4th of July! Good eats, fun people. Below: A horrible picture of me, a great picture of Kev :)

3 Notes to the Queen Bee:

Criscell said...

What a fun 4th! And that is NOT a terrible picture of you at all! I love your headband!

Your blankets look amazing! I love the green one since green's my fav. color.

s.s parker said...

I can't wait to find out what this little peanut is so I can put an order in!! had fun on the boat watching the fireworks! look fabulous in the pic! this weekend is busy, but let's get together next week fo sho!

Erickson Family said...

That yellow blanket is AWESOME!! I ended up selling my junkie ol' sewing machine before we left and my fingers are itching to create something. I only have a little more than 2 months before the debut of #5...I still haven't started her blessing dress. YIKES!