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Monday, August 4, 2008

Bowling? Biking? Stick to watching movies!

Date Night.
Here we went to see Dark Knight-the new batman movie. LOVED ET. Heath Ledgerplaying the Joker was creepy. He played the part as a sociopath to a T. No wonder he had nightmares!
Kev and I have been trying to find more hobbies to do together, something we could do often and work on perfecting the skill or activity. I suggested Dancing, he wasn't too keen on that idea. He wants me to sit and LOVE football with him all fall long. Not interested.
We had a coupon for a free game of bowling. So, we tried our hand at bowling. Haven't been since we were dating. I am the type to get a pin here or there and then random strikes throughout. He's a steady man nailing a few strikes and a lot of spares. It was alot of fun! A confession? I took a bowling class in college, AND did bowling intramurals, I think the class made me worse. Sad... bike riding anyone?
Any ideas for a good couples hobby?

5 Notes to the Queen Bee:

s.s parker said...

hilarious! i've been begging bobby to take me bowling for weeks. he's scared because i crush him every time! :) let's def. go sometime!

Renee said...

I don't know how, but I manage to get gutterballs even when the bumpers are up. Oh well. Adam and I go out on the lake a lot. You guys should come over one day and try wakeboarding with us!

Blogful said...

Hutch and I played lots of frisbee. We were getting pretty good for a while there. We also play raquetball together, but he's way better than I am, so we've made certain rules so that I have a chance to win. We read books together still. That's one that hasn't died away with getting busier or kids. We like to swim together--but it's kind of lonely doing laps, even if they are there with you sharing the lane. We were really into wiffle ball for a while. It's too hot for much these days...

S Semon said...

Hey--I totally hear you about sitting and loving football all fall with your husband. Mine kind of feels the same way. We go work out together these days. We also do the shopping together, just so we get to spend more time together--and then I don't have to carry anything up to our apartment!

Judy / IslandBroad said...

See thats what ALL couples need. Date night. How about camping? Walking trails? paintball fights? roller blading? cooking classes? The possiblities are ENDLESS. Have fun trying some more activities!