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Monday, August 18, 2008

Ok? Oh...Fay!

Well, Fay is headed our way!

We live in the "Tues Eve" line where it is still dark red.

Water- check

72 hour kits- check


Hopefully we are set!

Poor Aunty Mary is visiting with us and is supposed to head home to Oregon on Wednesday. Will she be extending her trip due to the storm? We shall see. If so lucky me!

2 Notes to the Queen Bee:

s.s parker said...

hi stranger!! sounds like your more prepared then me!! the only thing i've stocked up on is diapers, wipes and formula!:)) the necessities lol...when do you head out to utah? kev honked and drove by cute cosmo was hanging out the window

Ashley Wray said...

Sounds like you're prepared, and hope you keep safe! I can't imagine hurricanes, blizzards I've seen and lived through a lot of, but hurricanes are totally foreign to me! Good luck!