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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

St. Augustine

If you do not like history or travel, you might want to forgo this post, I drone on and on about my adventures in on old city :)

St. Augustine is considered the oldest continuously inhabited city in the United States. It's one of my favorite cities ever. You have the feeling of warping into another place. When you enter St. Augustine history screams at you. The buildings are cool, the landscape is lush, the shops are so fun. Lots of history, lots of art. We took Aunt Mary, because everyone should experience St. Augustine at least once in their life.

Ill give you a little history tour:

My favorite stop is Flagler college. Once named Hotel Ponce De Leon. Built in 1888. Built by Henry Flagler who started the Standard Oil Company with none other then Rockefeller. The Hotel was built for the Rich to vacation during the winter months down in sunny Florida.

The fountain out front is also a sundial. The towers are water holding tanks, seeing as this hotel was one of the first to have running water.

What you see when you walk in. All the floor tiles are shipped from Africa and were hand laid.

When you look up... Yes it is all gold leafed, and there are symbolisms in the paintings.

The now Dining Hall was once the Ball Room. It includes the largest collection of Original Tiffany Glass. It is insured for 35 million dollars. Mr. Tiffany supervised and designed all of these windows and chandeliers himself. Thomas Edison helped with the original electrical wiring.

One of many of Mr. Tiffany's beauties...

The balconies above were for the orchestras. Can you imagine eating lunch here everyday?

This room is original decor. Once again, the detail is emaculant! In the 1800s it was the ladies sitting room where they did all their socializing while staying in the hotel. The clock on the mantel is enclosed in the largest peice of solid white granite in the world. The clock was crafted by Thomas Edison. One of two original clocks by Mr. Edison in the hotel. This is called the "day clock" the other is the "night clock" and is black with gold hands.

Prespiterian Memorial Church- Built by Flagler as a memorial to his daughter Jennie who died giving birth. Flagler, his first wife, their daughter and her baby are all in the mosolium in this church. the church is AMAZING inside. Stain glass windows, paintings.

CITY GATES- These are the gates built to keep out the enemy at the entrance to the city and the original main street. A wall then connected to the Fort (which I for some reason always call "the castle")

The Fort- aka the castle. Built by the spanish in the 15oo's when they settled this area. Faces the outlet to the ocean to watch for invaders. You can go inside and see their living quarters, prisoners quarters, watchtowers etc. Very cool...

Enjoying some homemade pizza in one of the local pizza parlors. (p.s. did i mention there are awesome shops and restaurants here?!)

An example of the hundreds of years old home.

5 Notes to the Queen Bee:

Renee said...

I've heard lots of good things about St. Augustine. I want to go there someday... and especially now after seeing all your pictures!

s.s parker said...

love, love, love that place!! we take a boat trip up there twice a year!! it's such a fun quaint town. not much shopping, but great food! did you see the casa monica hotel?! it's so beautiful! lots of weddings there. glad you had a great trip! how's the house organization coming along?:)

Megan said...

How fun! I love doing stuff like that! I will have to go there someday.

s.s parker said...

i'm doing fab! just started saylor's scrapbook today. nothing fancy, but i'm determined to have her first year done before this baby comes! my parents are flying in tonight for saylor's big 1st birthday! i think you leave to utah soon, so when you get back let's do something!

Okey's said...

I love that place! I have never been able to do the tour but have done lots of looking around. Glad you had such a great time!