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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Calling all Wanna-be Wedding Planners!

My best girlfriend from college is getting hitched December 27. My assignment from affar is to find ideas for centerpeices. Her colors are Red, Black, and White. Places like BHG & MSW have all kinds of crazy combinations except for the above mentioned. I need websites & ideas! The usuals like "the knot" and "the wedding channel" want your life handed over to view pictures. I"m not wanting to encourage more spam by giving them my name addess phone #. Do you gals know of any wedding websites with ideas/pictures for centerpeices and/or specific color schemes that you don't have to sign your life away to view? Any ideas you have floating around? Do share!!

Here are some pretties I've found thus far. Some for my gal pal, and some I love!

1st 3 are Martha, rest are BHG

Definitely not for her wedding but I that this was a rad centerpeice for a tropical wedding.

MORE to COME, I'm on the hunt!

4 Notes to the Queen Bee:

Renee said...

I signed up for when I got married, but I also used pretty frequently, and I'm pretty sure they don't require your first born to view their site.

Criscell said...

Wait--who's getting married? Is is Alison? I'm glad you're back to blogging! I missed you!

Broin's said...

look at different photographers websites. my wedding photographer was She has awesome stuff. Also, just google centerpieces and look at waht comes up!

Bernie and Doll said...

Oh how i wish i were a wedding planner! we would be great together planning weddings...although all clients would have to be warned that in no way would we ever allow logo design to creap in to the event! :) by the way WELCOME BACK TO BLOG WORLD! we (your loyal fans) are happy for your long awaited return! Miss you Ray!