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Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Fun

Husband and I made halloween cookies for our offices. I got the dough where you add the egg and butter then have to roll out and cut your shapes so it makes it a little quicker. I thought 1 bag of mix = 1 dozen cookies. So I made 3 bags for 3 dozen. Not so... 1 bag = 3 dozen. Yep. We had 9 dozen cookies. It took a long time to roll out and cut, and now we have lots of frozen cookies. But they turned out cute. Pumpkins, ghosts and stars. Boy they were tasty!

The Boys'Costumes...
The Sports Fanatic- costume for work

Our little Skeleton- he was glow in the dark :)

Mutt went crazy over the wig. His goal was to Get it. Kill it.

2 Notes to the Queen Bee:

Criscell said...

Love the costumes! Your dog is adorable. Yummy cookies too.

Renee said...

Where was your costume???