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Friday, January 9, 2009


Pardon my unflattering, non matching striped pajama pants. THey were the warmest comfiest thing I had brought hence them being in so many pictures. sigh... the shame :)

The title of this post should be "FROSTBITE". It was SO cold! My dad took these first few pictures of the Ice storm that came in right ahead of us. When we pulled up it was -10 degrees + windchill.

Cosmo had never seen snow or been in a place so cold in his young little life. When we got out of the car after our trip he wouldn't go potty because it was too cold out there. He would pick up his paws and limp like he was injured. Sooo... we took him in the house. My step-mother just got brand new green couches. He hopped up on her new ottomon within the first 5 minutes we were there and lifted his leg and let it loose. I was SO EMBARASSED. Hence the sheet laying over the ottomon to protect it from a confused cold little doggy.

going to work outside...

THE BIG ONE- This was the gear needed to take the dogs on a walk. This is the kind of coat they use in the Alaskin Plains in the dead of winter. The fur is Cayote to block the wind and snow.

The sign coming into town where my parents live. Like the sign suggests, there are alot of Amish horse and buggies in the area.

Cosmo and Yuki. Step mom called these two BFFs. They wrestled and played all day long.

Christmas Eve Family Tradition- Making Gingerbread and Sugar cookies for the stockings.

our stockings on xmas morning including Cosmo's in the middle (his looks full but there is just a bag of bones in there to freshen his breath :)
Little Brother Phil is known for his creative wrapping skilz. This is tin foil and Duct Tape ribbon and bow.
Dad didn't want to be left out in the creative wrapping department. He didnt use newspaper this year (miracle) but opted for reusable bags. Nice job Dad!
Kev got me a Wii and Wii Fit for Christmas. I got him Rockband in the hopes he'd get me a Wii. Good thing he did or I would have looked really silly!
Husband and Brother Rockin out!

Dad took us out to FIVE GUYS burger joint. Good stuff.
Kev got a new baseball glove from Dad for Christmas. On the last day we were there the snow melted enough for a little "Catch"

3 Notes to the Queen Bee:

Alissa said...

we love five guys, but i can't eat there anymore... it gives me digestive woes.

Criscell said...

Such FUN pics, Ray! Looks like you had a blast at home for the holidays. I loved that HUGE coat! That is awesome. Oh, and your Christmas decor was so cute too. Did you go to Allison's wedding? I wish I could have.

Renee said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! That Christmas tree is massive!