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Friday, January 9, 2009


I made my first ever batch of freezer jam. My dad happened to have 1 bag left of his secret stash of Loganberries. They are only grown in particular regions. He can only get them when he visit's Oregon and can fly them back. Homemade Loganberry jam really is the best jam. Sweet but still tart.

LoganBerry- thawed from the freezer. Looks kind of like a blackberry.

A bowl of thawed loganberries in their own juice ready to be made into jam.
The main ingredient :)

Stirring in the Pectin for consistency. Dad made a batch and I made a batch. He let me bring my batch back with me. What a guy to share the coveted berries!

Yep, the pink striped pants are back, and check out the cool apron. That was our father's day gift last year to the master chef from Disney World, so he could be the coolest grandpa ever.
Ready to go in the freezer. I couldn't believe how much simpler it was then I thought. Bring on the strawberries!

6 Notes to the Queen Bee:

Kristen and Nathan said...

Yum, freezer jam, I bet it was tasty. so I just tagged you, check out my blog.

Matt and Kristine said...

From the stories I've heard, your dad is an awesome chef, and it looks like it is still true. What a fun thing to do and enjoy together. Thanks for the update!

Bernie and Doll said...

SOOO happy to have you back in the blogging world! I felt a bit unstable in this cyber world while you were gone!:)(heheh) after all you are the reason i started blogging at all! welcome back! and beautiful JAM! it almost looks like art in the jars! ILOVEYOU!

Handi Andi said...

She's Baaaaaack! Yeah! I love your pictures! And you Christmas decorations are so cute! I love seeing the stuff you make. You and Holly are so creative! I can't wait to see how the bite size banana breads turn out!

Handi Andi said...

p.s. I am so glad you got a picture of the sugar scoop. I want dad to leave me that in his will someday! I love that thing!

Erickson Family said...

HEY!! I love fam get togethers especially at Chrstmas!!