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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The House is Warmed

*Disclaimer- My camera is shot (another post for another day). Meaning, I'm lucky if i can get it to take pictures let alone pictures that are in focus, so bear with me.

Renee gave me these decorating tip set. Yeah, She's a rockstar. I have wanted these for YEARS, but never could justify buying this over life sustaining items. Perfect for a party- Thanks Renee!

So of course I had to go out and buy this with my 50% off coupon from JoAnns.

Which looks like this after all the cupcakes are eaten.

I did many designs, here's the lone surviving cupcake, I managed a fuzzy picture of before it was devoured. I did all the cupcakes in purples and whites.

Party Decor was fresh flowers and candles.

My friend Lauren who donated hours of her time to help setup made me this as a housewarming gift. Cute huh? I told her I really wanted a name plaque and she made it happen. What a friend.

Every party needs Entertainment.

Decor (*To see pics of the Empty house "before" go HERE)
Now, the house still needs lots of interior design work. We tried using mostly what we had and threw in a few new rugs here and there. Baby steps...

Got this shelf a week before at a garage sale- $7 It's got the shabby chic thing going on. I high fived myself when I went to Lowe's last night and saw almost the same thing for $89-$120.

Family Room

Above kitchen cabinets

My new fridge- vying for the spot of favorite thing I own. Totally recommend this layout in a fridge/freezer LUV ET!!

Since I forgot to take pics before or during, you're seeing the afterparty. The smorgous board was on this table.

Creme Puffs
Cheesecake Bites
Mini Cupcakes
2 types meatballs
Queso (Velveta, Rotel tomatoes/chiles, spicy sausage)
Peanut M&M's
Trail mix
relish tray- cherries,blueberries, grapes, mandarin oranges, olives, pickles, carrots
Chips & Salsa
Punch- Gingerale, pineapple juice, and variety of lime sherbet, rainbow sherbet, raspberry sherbet. Punch was a total hit, recommend it.

Master Bath

Master Bath another angle


Guest Bedroom- notice our very first comforter set as a married couple ahhhhh... totally not my taste now, but works great to have on hand for a guest room.

Craft room- Beginning stages
2nd Bath

2nd Bath- another angle

Our favors- my totally rad sis Holly bought the favors for my house warming gift. They are personalized fortune cookies. The messages were 3 different ones:

-Thanks for celebrating out new home with us- Kevan & Rachel
-It's really the DOG's house - we just pay the mortgage.
-May your home always be too small to hold all of your friends.
Sign says "Fortunes are always fun, please take more than one!"

The True Party "animals"


5 Notes to the Queen Bee:

Handi Andi said...

Congrats! It looks so good! I wish I could have been there. Really wish I could have been there. I think all the rooms look great, even your couches in the living room. Who needs that sectional? Especially love the stuff above your cabinets.

Blogful said...

Just love your new house. Thanks for all the pictures. So wish we could have been there. Looks gorgeous!

Allison said...

I love the house. Makes me house hungry.. Is that possible? :) wish I could have been there.

Renee said...

Your house is way more decorated than ours... and we've been in ours for a year! Everything looks great! I'll be by to see it one day, I promise. Just got to get this boy to stop eating all the time (Eli, not Adam).

Matt and Kristine said...

Wow! So cute and well done. You are truly in seventh heaven now, you are Kevan are so blessed! Great job hosting!