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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dad's Visit

It was so nice having family here. The dogs loved dad, he walked them each morning, and played soccer with them! Dad's cuteset grandkids :P

It's nice to have a handy man come to visit. He he fixed our gate/fence for the backyard, and taught Kev some mad skills in the process!

Dad treated me and the boys to a movie- Iron Man 2. Us Jones' LOVE movies!

Kev, Dad, Brother Mac, and Mac's Friend.

Come Back to Visit Soon!

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2 Notes to the Queen Bee:

Matt and Kristine said...

Look at your Dad rockin' the plaid shorts! Ha, Love it! I am so glad you had a visitor out your way, I am sure it feels so far sometimes. Hillary's ticket was only $150 round trip from IF! Such a great deal! Let's find on for you! Your house always looks perfect, hard to imagine anything needs fixing. It is awesome having a handy man around. My dad is the same, it is so nice to get things fixed right and with little cost!

Indiana Jones said...

does the gate still wo