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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Trip to Utah

I went to Utah in May. My sis bought me a ticket for graduation to fly out and visit the fam. It was a fabulous gift, and I loved every minute of my time there!

The view outside of Costco...mmmmm

Where to begin....

My sister Holly and fam are moving to Oregon, so I wanted to get some quality time in. Oh the good times we had, nothing quite like sisters!
Holly and Brynley

I got ot meet the Twins!! My other sister Andi had kids number 4 & 5... How cute are they?
Then... Collin & Keegan

And now... Keegan & Collin- definiely not identical :) but both So cute!

Of course we are at Bajio, had to sneak some in while I was there :)

Dear Bajio,
Please come to Florida. I beg you! there are cheap imitations here that try really hard but don't come close to your good quality and amazing flavors. The first time we met, it was instant love, and I'd like to continue our happy relationship here in Florida. I promise you'll like Florida. People don't know what they're missing without you, how much happier the Mexican food portion of their taste buds would be.
Hurry Soon!

XOXO Twinklebee

We celebrated my BIL Ryan's Birthday with cupcakes from Dippidy...

Went to visit Phil & Laura- Had great steaks, played games, sat in the hot tub, went to see a movie, and Phil got us tickets to Cirque de Solei.

Um.. It snowed while I was there..? I woke up to a white Christmas, I mean May...

Hung out with my brother Mac and his fam. We got Jamba juice, went to get massages at the massage school, played "The Game" about 30 times, and made apple Crisp.. Yum...

Cute Vienna let me sleep in her "Big Girl Bed".

And well.. Just alot of hanging out...

I also got to go to some RAD fabric stores. I got fabric for an adorable quilt, made a cute bag with ruffles, and am excited for some new projects. I couldn't go to utah and not take advantage of the WAY better quilting stores that were available. Will post pics of projects soon!

What an amazing trip- Hopefully I'll be back next year!

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2 Notes to the Queen Bee:

Matt and Kristine said...

What a great trip! I cannot believe the snow, Hillary was telling me about that. Crazy. Remember our freshman year, it snowed in June right before we started in 2002. I love the snowmen. I didn't know so much of your siblings were still in Utah. I am surprised your dad hasn't moved out that way. Is that where you and Kevan want to end up? I am so glad the twins made it safely, great job Doc! Your sis must be busy. Too bad we wouldn't have had overlapping trips and seen eachother.

Lindsay said...

would you drive 90 min for it? I would!

Bajio Mexican Grill
4801 West Hillsborough Avenue, Tampa, FL 33614 (813) 886-5222

Maybe instead of craft night we could go road trippin.