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Monday, July 5, 2010

Graduation Party.

Balloons, Cake, Good Food, Friends, Family= Great Graduation Party!

Auntie Mary, Made me a Red Velvet Cake as a surprise. It was Amazing and got rave reviews. It was HUGE! Check out that talent!

Dad's Award Winning Fruit Pizza- People buzzed about this for weeks afterwards.

Smorgas Board of Great food- Thanks Dad!

Kev= Master Punch Maker


Dad and Becky flew in from Indiana to Celebrate and support- Thanks you guys!

At church the nice sisters made me this beautiful cake which was delicious and we all had cake in celebration- so nice to be thought of!

Thanks everyone for the well wishes, cards, gifts, the support has been amazing. Some things I recieved, that will help me look oh so professional... Sharing for all those who love fashion ;)
I love those innitials.. MK... mwha!

Best point and shoot camera I've ever laid my eyes on... Thanks Dad! 14.1 megapixals in this baby. Takes amazing pics! if you're looking for one, I STRONGLY recommend.

My BIL Bryan has great taste! Have to be aware of the time when you're counseling!

It's funny, My client's always commented on my jewelry. Anyone who knows me, knows I love to accessorize... Great taste Grandma P.!

2 Notes to the Queen Bee:

Renee said...

Will you get another master's degree so you can have another party with that awesome fruit pizza?

Cassott Kinghorn said...

YAY! Your gradeeated! :D