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Monday, September 13, 2010

Bread Cooking

I actually cooked the bread dough I made last week (it's good up to two weeks in the fridge). I pulled a chunk out, let it rise, and baked it. It was Delicious!
Grabbing some out of the container...

Rolled it in a ball and let it rise...

my only mishap was I forgot about the hazards of glass pans. I put a glass pan to warm up with the stone. When I was ready to bake, I poured a cup of water into the hot glass pan ( Putting water in the oven creates steam while baking- this is what gives the bread a crisp crust). When you put cold water in very hot glass, it makes the glass shatter.... Yep, all over inside my oven...Dang!

The finished product. I snapped a picture before it was completely gone.

A slice with homemade marion berry jam... The same stuff I made in a post last fall when I went to Indiana.

Best part is, I still have more dough in the fridge to make more!

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