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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wonderful Birthday!

I had A wonderful birthday! Another year gone by- SO FAST!

This man made my day wonderful!

I took the day off

Kev decorated the house, including homemade confetti.

A crown Kev made me- Queen for the day :)

An awesome friend surprised me with a gift and balloons already at the place Kev and I went for lunch. Thanks Kacey!

Made me breakfast
Cleaned my car
took me to lunch and a movie

Kev took me to dinner

He coordinated with girls from church and had them come over for a surprise. I had no idea!
Girl time's always great!

AWESOME PIE- peanut butter, cream cheese, chocolate chips, chocolate graham cracker crust0 Thanks Lindsay!

Kev got me a plane ticket to go visit my parents in Indiana- we just got back- will post soon!

I've got great people in my life! Thanks everyone!!

1 Notes to the Queen Bee:

Matt and Kristine said...

That is crazy... I was sitting at the computer staring at my calendar and I thought, " When is Rachel Lowe's birthday? Isn't it soon?" Wow. Should have listened to that prompting! So sorry I missed acknowledging it. Looks like you were taken care of though. I LOVE LOVE that floral arrangement, one of my favorites you have posted. Glad you got to see your Dad too. When is your actual birth day? I want to write it on the calendar for sure this time! Happy Birthday!