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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

30 Year Old in the House!!

This cute guy had a birthday in October! The big 3-0... Can't believe it!
He's the most easy going guy I know. His only request was to go to bucca di peppo. I've never been. It was Delish!

We were so glad  that Kev's parents and Grandma could join us.   (The baby bump is a growin!)
This boy Loves a DQ Ice Cream cake, so that's what he got- especially since he wanted nothing else for his birthday- like I said, easy going.
Dessert at his parents.
Happy Birthday to an amazing guy! Still can't believe he's 30....

1 Notes to the Queen Bee:

Sara Love said...

Happy Birthday, Kev!!! I just hit the big 3-0, too! Yikes! Thanks for the update, Rachel. Man, we miss you guys! Congrats on baby!! It's not that far off. We really need to see you guys more often. Hope you are well. You both look great! Love you lots!