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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Personal Trainer

Yes, it has come to that. It is just not working trying to do it myself. I need that extra motivation, and and expertise of a personal trainer. I'm shooting for 20 to start out with, then I'll set another goal. My brother and sister in law have lost alot of weight using personal trainers. I have only heard about success and I found a guy with great prices! Can I really get up at 5 am? We'll see I guess :)
Anyone have a personal trainer story to share with me? Did you like it? Did it work?

3 Notes to the Queen Bee:

Erickson Family said...

How funny! Great minds DO think alike! =D

s.s parker said...

so exciting! trainers are so worth the money, they'll push you to a level you didn't know you could reach! you might be sore for a few days....trying to sit down on the toilet is the worst!::)) lol dont' think we'll make it to the park tonight, bob is doing his honey do list!!is

Heather said...

Good luck! We hope it works out. Glad we found you blogging, I've been trying to find contact info for you guys for months! Do you know any Kemeny's from home in Indiana? Keep in touch-