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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Missed the boat...

No. Really. We missed the boat.

I was going to post pretty pictures of the carribean and tell you all we had a great time, but many people heard bits of the whole story so I figured I'd post some pics to go along with the "adventure".

Boat left at 5 we arrived at 4:05. They guards at the gates were just finished closing it and walking away and we begged to get on since the boat would be sitting there for the next hour, but they were the non budging type. He told us we could either eat the money spent or buy tickets to fly to bahamas and catch the boat there. soooo....

American Airlines carried us to miami and then the next morning to Bahamas. Thanks to all those who looked up flights for us!

Eating dinner in the airport (cruise was our plan for food, lodging etc. which we had already paid for and were missing out on! sigh...)

All the hotels in Maimi were booked... In enters the Roach Motel. Have you ever seen CSI? Those scummy motels where people get murdered and robbed? Um.. yeah. That's where we stayed. We called EVERY other hotel in the area. Even the Taxi driver tried to find us a different place... this is all that was left. I won't go into detail about the dirty sheets and the pungent smell or the cops sirens going all night... it was a long night.

Flew to Nassau Bahamas the next day, and when we finally got there it was AWESOME! the taxi ride from the airport ended up being a mini history tour of the Island. We saw the house in the original James Bond Movie, American Embassy, a parade of all the Bohemian Olympists returning home with their medals.

The market place, with lots of shops. Got a great purse and jewlery. Gotta bargain with the local town folk.
The horse is wearing a hat. Kev got offered some weed while we were walking down the street. "The Real Taste of the Islands" we were told.

The Carnival Boat next to ours. Big huh?

When we got to the boat, this was our cute little cabin. We loved it.

Our housekeeper lady made us towel animals when she cleaned our room every day.

Midnight Buffet- Pinnaple Tower

Sit down dinner one night. Met a fun young couple from Indiana. Some good laughs.

CocoCay- The private Island owned by Royal Carribean

My view from the hamock as I basked in the sun drinking my island smoothie called the Coco Loco

A sneak peek of the Island-
You can jet ski, do volleyball tournaments, snorkel, parasail, shop, scuba dive, and more.
Watching the Sunset from the boat.

AND... WE WENT TO THE SPA on the boat. After the Crappy Miami fiasco, we each got a back massage, foot massage, scalp massage and facial all in one trip to the spa. Oh so nice. Probably the highlight.
Food and drinks are included in the price unless you drink alcohol, that's extra. Buffets all the time at all hours of the day and night with countless amounts of food.
There are shows in the evenings, and sit down dinners, as well as a casino for entertainment as well as tons of other activities.
For as many people as there are on the boat, we didn't feel crowded or like there were very many people.
You can make the cruise as cheap or as expensive as you want.
It was SOOO relaxing! Service was great.
It would be a blast to go with a group of friends or sisters or with another couple or two. Anyone game?
We are already looking when we can go again! This time we'll make the boat!

5 Notes to the Queen Bee:

Renee said...

Oh no... I can't believe you missed the boat! At least you made it on the ship though, and the first night at sea isn't all that great anyway.

I'm so glad you got the chance to get away! It looks like besides the boat mishap everything else was perfect!

s.s parker said...

i'm sure you were waiting for ashton kutcher to come out and say "your punked" when you were standing in front of the ship!!!:) looks like you had a blast though! you needed a va-ka!...hey maybe we can do lunch at cheesecake for some pumpkin goodness!!

Criscell said...

SO sorry about the boat fiasco! And so glad you still got to go! The pics were AWESOME!! I want to go SOOO bad! Looks like you had a wonderful time.

Ashley Wray said...

Oh no! I thought that only happened on the movies! I can't believe they wouldn't let you on the boat! Looks like you had a great time once you got there! I'm so jealous, we're planning some doing a cruise for our 5th anniversary! Thanks for the diet tips, I will definetly put them to good use!

Okey's said...

I can't believe your story of missing the boat. I am impressed that you didn't give up. glad that you finally made it to the ship and everything looks beautiful. what a great story!