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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Utah Trip

Nothing quite as fullfilling as visiting the ones you love most. I love my family! A few pics from my trip a few weeks ago.

I went with my brother and his in laws to Bear Lake. It was gorgeous. Nestled in the mountains, it's called the Carribean of the Rockies. Small town famous for raspberry shakes. We went kyaking, and did alot of relaxing in the cabin taking in the beauty.

Pics my sis in law took.

Most of the pics I took ended up being of the kiddies, here are a few.
Cousins Bryn and Kenna- Best buds

I have a new appreciation for people who nail a cute family picture or cute picture of a group of kids. I must have taken 50 pics of the three of them with not one of them looking at the camera... sigh... hats off to the successful.
Kenna, Vienna, Brynley- 3 cousins

Waiting for Uncle phil to come home

5k for American Heart Association. My sis, bro, sisinlaw, me & sisters kiddies

Vienna- almost 2

Kenna-almost 3 and Caden-4


1 Notes to the Queen Bee:

Criscell said...

FUN! I LOVE Bear Lake too! Looks like you had a blast.