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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ahhh Fall

Probably the thing I miss the most about being up North is the change in seasons. It stays green year around here (not complaining too much :) ). Once in a blue moon I catch a glimpse of this gorgeous sight, but not until December (just took these pics)

Aren't these crepe myrtle trees beautiful? Definitely planting these in a future yard. They have lovely purple and pink blossoms for 3/4 of the year along with big bushy green leaves, then change to this nice hue for a short period, then it's back to blossoms.

We ate Thanksgiving dinner with another couple, it was lots of fun, and we were so thankful to be invited. All our family went out of town except for Grandma. After dinner we went to Grandma Parish's house to sit by the fire she lit in her backyard. We sipped on hot chocolate and snacked on the pumpkin custard treat she made, and chatted for hours. It was a very nice time, she's excellent company. Doesn't she look great! She turned 80 this year.

5 Notes to the Queen Bee:

Handi Andi said...

you two look so cute in this picture! You look great! Lost weight? Makes me remember when we had the fire and smores when we were there. Grandma is so cute and she made the best food. I still want those rolls!

s.s parker said...

ok so crazy!!! I just delivered Grandma Paris a turkey last night and Bobby told me that's the "grandma" you go to dinner at. I never realized this whole time that's kev's grandma!!! wowzers! anyway how are you holding up with school work etc.??? can you email me your new address?

Allison said...

You look great Ray!

Criscell said...

Wow! Your grandma DOES look great for 80! What a fun T-giving. I love all the Fall pics too. I miss that here in AZ as well.

ambyr said...

cute picture!!! how are you guys?!! Remember that day in utah when we were at andi's pool ans we took pics of eachother?! I totally came across those the other day!! merry christmas!!