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Friday, March 13, 2009

House Hunting

My lack of blogging is due to house hunting.

(Note: all these houses are random of the net)
PSh! Wish we could get a honey like this one. but really this is just Eye candy for you.
Yes, I know it's supposed to be fun. But we are worn out.
It has taken over our lives. Every spare moment is researching houses in the area we want to live in, after work is spent doing drive-bys to see if it's worth dragging our realtor to see, and all day Saturday is spent viewing houses. Yep going on 2 months. We are picky but not crazy picky, its just that the houses are flying off the market. We've lost 4 houses we really liked by being out bid. You see the way to get more house for the price is bank owned.
(private owners can't grasp the fact that yes their houses value has gone down because of the economy, regardless of how emotionally attached they are, so they over price them and usually won't budge even if banks say they are worth way less.)
The problem with bank owned houses is when you put in a bid they won't tell you if you're out bid. They just give the house to the highest bidder, and you only get one shot to bid. We have bid over asking price on several houses, and still not been the highest bidder and they won't let you cast another bid. Lame! So we're still on the hunt. We are putting in 5 bids at a time trying to get something!

The Biggest problem. Our Apartment lease is up April 21, yep as in 1 month. There was one house we were sure we were going to get. So sure that we told the complex instead of going month to month we would like to give our notice. Yep. The house didn't go through. We are exploring our extended stay motel options and the best deal on storage units. :)

There is a beautiful house on an acre lot for a steal of a deal in a nice area, needs a little work, but a great buy. Cross your fingers for us. We are supposed to hear today.
Any tips!?! What have you learned while house hunting, or the buying process?

4 Notes to the Queen Bee:

Alissa said...

well... thats the real sucky part about dealing with bank owned rather than through a private seller.

we bought our home from a private seller. it came on the market on friday...we saw it saturday morning, put our offer on saturday afternoon... offer (over asking price GRRR) accepted on Monday. probably the most stressful thing we've done in well... forever.

if i were you, i'd really try to go through a private seller. GOOD LUCK!

Matt and Kristine said...

That house looks huge! How fun that it is in your price range- what a dream house. Good luck!

Erickson Family said...

is that pic of the house you're trying to get?!!! WOW That is HUGE! Good Luck *fingers-crossed*

Criscell said...

HOw exciting for you guys!!! Goodluck--I have to admit I'm a little jealous!