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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

LIfe's a Beach

Literally for this little guy. How was your labor day?
We went to the beach! When we came back to our towels from frolicing in the ocean, as I was sitting down I saw this little guy run across my blanket. I yelped pretty loudly, drawing attention and laughter to our little spot on the beach. The lady next to us said he's been visiting our spot all day when we weren't there.... Wish she had told me this when I first got there and was laying unaware taking a cat nap that I had a little visitor that could sneak up on and pinch me pretty good.

P.s. He was a fast little guy who did not want his picture taken!
Also this lovely holiday our washer died. So we got this puppy
and her fraternal Twin:

You wouldn't imagine the deal at sears! They were 1,000 stinkin bucks off. We were just going to get the washer but it's 350 cheaper to get them both instead of seperate at different times.... So whamo! downside... it was such a good deal, that everyone bought them... they are backordered until Oct. 6...sigh... But boy oh boy I can't wait! It does 5 loads of laundry at once!

3 Notes to the Queen Bee:

Handi Andi said...

I covet your laundry machines. Green with envy. Still enjoying my clothesline, but will soon have to bite the bullet when the snow starts falling. Only thing that sucks with front loaders is that you have to leave the door cracked open when not in use or they get stinky stinky inside, and with the stories you have been telling me about the roaches I would be FREAKED out to stick my hand in the washer. Good luck with that. Remember what I said about the stinky. Remember to keep the door cracked. (I guess the water seal is so tight that moisture can't evaporate when not in use so it mildews if you don't crack the door) and ha ha ha, you got crabs at the beach. Ha ha ha

Renee said...

What a deal!!! Those are beautiful (I never thought I'd say that about a washer and dryer). I'm so jealous!!

Matt and Kristine said...

What a photo perfect crab, you floridian!