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Friday, September 11, 2009

An Oldy

With a birthday soon approaching I am having conversations that go something like this.
"I better enjoy these years while I'm young."
"Young? I'm on the verge of not young.. wait, I'm old!"
"I'm not Old! I'm only in my Twenties"
And then I have that conversation that starts off like... "I remember back when..." and I feel like an old soul.

As I addressed some envelopes this morning (maybe some of you are the lucky recipients), and put the stamps on, I thought, "HOLY COW! (yes, I still say holy cow :P ) I remember when stamps were 27 cents!" now I'm shuffling through my stamp stack trying to add up to 44 cents. Highway robbery I tell you!

Don't you love REAL mail? Getting the mail is my favorite part of each day (even thought it's usually junk). Make someone else's day- SEND SOMEONE SNAIL MAIL TODAY!! I have a dear family member and friend that sends me snail mail often, and i treasure each peice of mail. What a simple way to say a big I love you.

I ask, When do you cross over the threshold to, "I'm old", the point when you can't battle whether you're still a youngin any more.

2 Notes to the Queen Bee:

Blanket My Baby said...

Youth is a mindset. If you believe in a life after death (for eternity), then you don't ever have to worry about feeling old. Ha!

Matt and Kristine said...

Yeah, for the snail mail plug! You know I love mail too. And I have distinct memories of walking to the mail box with you in Rexburg to get yours and Kevan's mail. :-)