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Friday, November 6, 2009

Cruise Vacation Part Duece (2)- Cozumel Mexico

Fresh off the boat. Mexico was BEAUTIFUL!

Walking down the sidewalk...This was the view... loved it!

Street Performer- Scared teh bejeebes out of me. I was walking along and thought it was a statue and he leaned in toward me and smiled, I did a nice little jump and grabbing of Kevan.

Spanish Nativity Set- Jesus was in a hammock on a bungalow on the beach don't you know? Duh, the wisemen wore sombraros, and we can't forget little mamacita Mary. Should have bought this.

After looking a little in the touristy area, we took a taxi to the middle of down town where all the native people live and went to a little native restaurant called, "La Choza"

The food was awesome!

It was so tropical that it had an open construction with plants hanging from the ceiling and an open courtyard.

Let's not forget the Mariachi band- Video Below

They thought I was taking a picture, so they were grinning really big, and I just kept holding up the camera cause I was recording, and they kept grinning like "common already lady". You can hear me laughing and trying to explain to kev that I was recording. They were cute. I told the guy in the middle I liked his shirt but he didn't really speak any english.

Paintings on the walls/bar of the restaurant

The people there were VERY religious, there were all kinds of crucifixs everywhere, this was one of the most creative I've seen.

After eating we decided to walk around among the local people. We met people with pictures of Hurricane Ivan that almost destroyed the whole island. We were told stories of how the island used to look, and what the culture was like. Wish I would have taken more pictures. We were the only white people in the whole area. Alot of the areas where the people lived away from the touristy stuff was run down and people poor, but very friendly. We found some neat little shops and even stumbled upon the Flea Market with all kinds of neat goods.

(sorry it's blurry) Got this ring at the flea market. LOVE IT.

Couch in a Boot Shop. They had sea turtle boots that were beautiful. Should have gotten a picture...

Back on the boat, the next day was Kevan's Birthday, I ordered him a cake and he got a big loud singing surprise at dinner. The guy next to him said, "Hey man, get your money back, They spelled your name wrong."
We laughed.

Next day at sea, we did some more of this

We also went to a karioke competition, a comedy show, and laid out on the boat deck.

2 Notes to the Queen Bee:

Renee said...

Everything looks beautiful! Love all your pictures. Almost makes me want to go. Too bad I have an irrational fear of leaving the U.S.....

Matt and Kristine said...

I love the scooter/vespa picture. Such a great photographer!