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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


It's time for an update.

Baby Update:
When I was 28 weeks pregnant I measured like I was 31 weeks pregnant= 3 weeks ahead of schedule.
I was 30 weeks pregnant and measuring like I was 34 weeks pregnant= 4 weeks ahead of schedule.
I went to the Dr. Friday Dec 30th- at 32 weeks pregnant and am measuring like I am 37 weeks pregnant= 5 weeks ahead of schedule.  They keep saying there is only one in there...

A debut of my new mom haircut- easier :)

Each time I go my midwife asks me questions like- Is your husband a big guy? Does your husband have a big head? How much did you weigh when you were born? I let her know I have 2 brothers who are 6'5" and I'm the short one in my family at 5'7". I have an ultrasound scheduled for next week to see why I'm growing so fast. I joke with the husband that we need to name this kid "Bruiser" or "Brutus" or maybe even "Tank".

So not sure when this kid is actually going to arrive, I'm thinking he's not going to wait to his due date of 2/22/12.

I think Cosmo senses changes are coming in the family... avoidance is the answer :)

Other News:
I Passed my Social Work Liscensure Exam! It's the board exam for social workers. It's the highest goal to reach in my profession- career wise. Talk about stress preparing for it- my life has been on hold for the past couple months. I wanted to take it (and pass of course) before baby came and I wouldn't have time to study. Now I have to get 1 more year of clinical time with Clients and I will become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

We had a great Christmas, time with family, lots of laughs.
Some treats we made for neighbors- "Christmas wreath" rice crispies with "holly berries"- always a hit with kids.

We went to Kev's parent's house for New Year's Eve for games, homemade Pizza and good times.

This handsome young man got a fancy haircut for christmas:
(I CANNOT get this picture to rotate, it will only upload sideways)

3 Notes to the Queen Bee:

Sara Love said...

Congrats on passing your test! What an accomplishment!

Hmmm... I wondered if you've begun dilating yet. Your doctor probably hasn't begun checking you yet, right? I'd be surprised if you made it to your due date, Rachel! :) We're SOOO excited for you guys!! Brutus... I like it. ;-)

Blogful said...

Congrats on your exam and your cute baby bump. Henry was 11.1 when he was born and his in-utero nick name was "tank" also. My OBGYN still calls him Hank the Tank. It's funny though, because he's on the small size now that he's here. He was huge when he was born and then just kept shrinking and shrinking. Besides, bigger babies sleep better and eat better. No fun being preg with a tank, especially near the end, but I swear recovery was so fast because it felt so much better than being pregnant! ha ha!

Matt and Kristine said...

Wow! I cannot believe you are so close to being an LCSW!!!! That is insane and very very cool. Not many people know what that means job opportunity wise. How exciting! So are you thinking daycare then when baby gets here? Working in the field with the LCSW? What's the plan after all these years? How exciting to have so many opportunities. Congrats! You look great- so happy and pregnant. Big babies do have an easier time, it is true. S is average size now too, that's funny. Harder than HECK to get them out, but like holding a 3 month old when they arrive. lol