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Friday, March 25, 2011

A "Price"- y Birthday Extravaganza

The Price Family had a birthday. Not just one birthday but 5 birthdays. Cohen turned 4 on March 8, Mama Price (Andi) March 18- will not divulge age- (You're welcome mama price) Caden turned 7 on March 19th, and the twins turn 1 on April 5th. And I couldn't leave Kenna out so she got some of the goodness as well. Talk about a cluster!

So a package must be sent!

A gift for Mama Price- who is beautiful and has the tough task of raising 5 kids ages 1 to 7. And might I add does a great job. You go girl! P.s. It was hard to part with these earrings- Soooo my style- hopefully hers...

For the twins- made in the twinklebee lair :)

The rest of the kiddos got random toys from princess slap bracelets and puzzles, to a whoopie cushion, ninja figurines, and of course Pop Rocks for some fun times.


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